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How To Save Money At Christmas – Including Easy DIY Gift Ideas To Save Big!

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Does the thought of Christmas send you in to a panic because you don’t know how you’re going to afford it? I get it! I have been there too. I am kind of an expert at being thrifty! Learn how to save money at Christmas , including awesome DIY Gift Ideas to save big!

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Honestly, as much as I LOVE Christmas it is likely the time of year that I am most stressed out! The bills are higher at this time of year and there is just so much more to do! I mean this is enough to leave most people frazzled but when you live with an illness and have further medical expenses on top of it … what’s a gal to do? My answer is to get even thriftier and DIY it !

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Christmas can be broken down in to 3 main expenses that really can take a toll on your budget if you are not careful. 

Food, Gifts and Decorations account for the majority of extra expenses during the Holidays and luckily, even if you are not the most crafty person in the world, there are some great DIY’s that can take some of that holiday pressure off of you!

I try to make as many of my Christmas Gifts as I can. I love to “make” and find the gift more meaningful. 


Easy Diy Christmas Gift Ideas

Some Diy Ideas Include:

Gifts in a Jar

Personalized Mugs

Homemade Treats like chocolate, candy and caramel popcorn

A framed printable

DIY bath salts, sugar scrubs & bath bombs

A homemade wreath

The beauty of this is that most of the ingredients for these DIY Gift Ideas can be bought in bulk and you can make several gifts or purchase the supplies from your local Dollar Store or Discount Store ( Walmart & Amazon can be really inexpensive for supplies) 

*** When shopping online , always use a cash back program like the one listed below to get more bang for your buck!

11 DIY Gift In A Jar Ideas

Save Money During The Holidays On Food With Meal Planning

When it comes to food , I watch for deals leading up to the holidays, especially on meat! What I can save there, it gives me a little more play room with the other expenses. I find that in my area , Walmart is the cheapest place to buy my turkeys. I can get nice family sized turkeys for $15-$20 around the holidays.

I buy Frozen vegetables on sale because it makes for some quick, easy nutritious soups and casseroles, especially if you have an Instant Pot! Not to mention, you do not have to worry about them spoiling. Believe me no one is going to know that those baby carrots or broccoli came from the freezer rather than the fridge! You can apply the same to concept to fruit for those Christmas Pies and other Desserts. I know some may disagree but for most things, frozen is just as good as fresh.


 To be completely honest, a good portion of the things that I buy over the holidays are some of the same things I buy through out the year because my family is on the Keto diet and it just makes sense to buy in bulk when a good sale hits. I will often take a day just to food prep ( but that is another post) Food prepping and meal planning can save you both time and loads of cash.

I have also gotten some great grocery items from Amazon. ( And as always, don’t forget to combine with the above mentioned cash back program  to put some money back in your pocket! )

How to Save On Christmas Decor

Let’s start with the Tree … If you don’t already have a tree, there are several DIY tree options as well. I have seen a number people on Pinterest  with some pretty creative & frugal DIY Christmas decor ideas. Like stringing lights in the shape of a Christmas Tree on the wall or using old palettes to build a rustic farmhouse Christmas tree. You can also use garland to create a wall tree. 

Some other ideas to save on your Christmas decor include diy dollar store wreaths or just Dollar Store  Christmas Decor in general. I know my local dollar stores have really upped their game this year for trendy Christmas decor on a budget.

Some other tips for saving Money at Christmas

If you really want to fine tune those savings , here are a few more ideas to slash the shopping budget!

– Rather than buy for everyone in your family , pick names so that each person only has to get a gift for one other person. Everyone still gets a gift and makes you remember that Christmas in not about the presents but the presence.

– Buy gifts for couples or families, rather than single gifts. 

– Shop Online clearance deals. Wayfair has a great clearance every year. I also know several people who buy second hand, gently used gifts. 

What are some ways you save money during the Holidays?

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