Pet Proof Your Christmas Tree DIY
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How To Cat Proof Your Christmas Tree

Easy DIY project to cat proof your Christmas Tree

This year we had a new cat in the home for Christmas and I could tell as soon as the Christmas Tree was on the floor that we might have a problem.

It didn’t take very long for Nuno to decide that this was also a cat tree and proceeded to try to climb up the middle.

I decided to sleep on it to see what I could figure out for a solution. I still wanted to have a real Christmas tree. My favorite part of Christmas is decorating my tree every year!

Keep reading to see what I came up with to keep the fur babies out of my tree…

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At first I thought that maybe just putting it up on a table would be enough of a deterrent .. boy was I wrong! with in minutes both of the boys had jumped up on to the small table to investigate. I realized I needed to block off the entire bottom of the tree to keep them from climbing.

I had thought about getting an old galvanized tub but wanted to get the tree up , so I looked for something I could DIY that I already had.

This is what I put together in only a few hours ( most of that time was spent waiting for coats of paint to dry)

DIY Christmas Decor //How To Keep Your Cats Out Of Your Christmas Tree
Diy Farmhouse Christmas Decor // How To Cat Proof Your Christmas Tree

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After Cleaning up the tub a bit , apply several layers of the paint , waiting between layers for it to dry.
I found this stencil in my craft room and thought it would work well. Grabbed a few makeup sponges , some painters tape & back tape and was ready to go...
I lightly pounced the black paint on and then went back and cleaned up the edges when it was dry. I also found part of an old plaid flannel scarf from a previous project, cut it into strips and tied around the bucket.
My husband then secured it with three bungee cords and put 2 five lb weights in the bottom before we placed it on the small table.
I put the lights and ribbon on it and then left it over night to see if the cats would even bother with it ....

When the tree was put up on the table in the tub, the cats circled around it and then walked away! Because the base was covered and it was on such a small table , it prevented them from being able to get in to the middle of the tree. Once it was fully decorated , I decorated the open space of the table as well, leaving even less room for the cats to try and jump up. So far they haven’t even tried to get at it and normally we would have to shoo them away several dozen times per day.  I do believe this is a win!

Update Dec 1 2019 – I haven’t yet decided what I am going to do with the tree this year. Part of me wants to get my husband a real tree for Christmas and part of me wants to try another Tree Option this year.  Stay tuned to see what I decide to do!

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Is there something you have done to keep your pets away from your tree and did it work?

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