13 Magical Amigurumi Printable Crochet Patterns

If you are a fan of mythical, magical creatures then you are going to love these 13 Magical Amigurimi Printable Crochet Patterns! They make great homemade gift ideas for kids.

I would love to have an entire family of these adorable little crocheted goblins! They remind of the kinds of creatures you would see in the movie Labyrinth or Lord Of The Rings. Make your own little Dobby The House Elf! 

This would make a great homemade gift idea for any child or adult who is a Harry Potter Fan.

Fan of Magical Woodland creatures or Where the Wild Things Are? Then this Crochet Woodland Fox hat is what you need!

Pegasus is  one of the most recognized creatures in Greek mythology. Omit the wings and you would also have the perfect crocheted My Little Pony doll.

These printable crochet patterns also make great gift ideas for people who like to crochet. There are so many printable crochet patterns for beginners.

The Mandrake Root is likely one of the most often used mythological creatures used in movies and stories. 

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