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    How To Make Bullet Proof Coffee – Time Saving Morning Hack

    Mornings can be crazy and hectic and if you are anything like me, then you typically don’t have a lot of time to spare or are just eager to get your day started. Keep reading to find out how I save time in the morning with these time saving hack for bullet proof coffee. Keto Coffee That Tastes Just Like Starbucks! Sometimes you just do not have time to wait for an entire pot of coffee to brew or you just need a cup or two … I have always loved the convenience of kcups, but these little reusable kcup filters are not only a huge time saver, you are…

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    13 Magical Amigurumi Printable Crochet Patterns

    If you are a fan of mythical, magical creatures then you are going to love these 13 Magical Amigurimi Printable Crochet Patterns! They make great homemade gift ideas for kids. GOBLIN CROCHET PATTERN I would love to have an entire family of these adorable little crocheted goblins! They remind of the kinds of creatures you would see in the movie Labyrinth or Lord Of The Rings. Make your own little Dobby The House Elf!  Loch Ness Monster Crochet Pattern PDF Instant Download – Nessie Crochet Baby Elf Printable Pattern Griffin Crochet Amigurumi Pattern DIGITAL PDF by Crafty Intentions This would make a great homemade gift idea for any child or…

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    Restoring Gut Health With Natural Homeopathic Remedies

    Having poor gut health can cause a wide range of ailments. However, you can restore gut health with natural homeopathic remedies and by following a gut health diet. What are some things that may contribute to poor gut health? A diet high in processed sugars stress antibiotics food intolerance More and more people are suffering from leaky gut and just as many are looking for natural ways to heal their gut and improve their overall health. What are some of the symptoms of poor gut health? Fatigue Weight Gain / Loss Upset Stomach Heartburn IBS Skin Issues , such as Eczema Poor Sleep Inflammation Food Intolerance Autoimmune Disorders Brain Fog…

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    DIY Gnomes – How To Make Your Own Christmas Gnomes

    These cute little diy Gnomes were so easy & fun to make! These will make great DIY Christmas Gifts. Keep reading to learn how to make your own Christmas gnomes. The nice thing about this project it is that it can be very budget friendly! I picked up everything I needed at the Dollar Store for the most part, and picked up some black faux fur at Walmart. You can also pick up faux fur from Michaels, Amazon, Etsy or several other crafting sites. I picked up most of the supplies at our local Dollar Store.  I went in with a general idea of how the gnomes should look and…


    DIY Farmhouse Christmas Decor – Rustic Noel Sign

    Still need a few Christmas Gifts but short on Cash? Try this awesome DIY  Farmhouse Christmas Decor Rustic Noel Sign. You can put this together for literally a few dollars and similar signs sell on Etsy for $50 or more. I made this sign with Letters purchased from the dollar store , moss that I had already (purchased at the dollar store)  and one of the many pieces of barn board that I just happen to have laying around, The rest of the embellishments were from old decorations or little bits that I snipped off from other Christmas decorations. Over all I am pretty happy with the way it turned…

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    Natural Detox Cleanse – 12 Essential Oils To Use To Detoxify Your Body Naturally

    If you have been feeling sluggish , achy , fatigued or ill, you may want to consider a natural detox cleanse. Learn about these 12 essential  oils to detoxify your body naturally.  Plus other homeopathic remedies to detoxify naturally. Make sure you read to the end for a natural detox bath recipe that is great for gift giving! 12 Essentials Oils To Detox Your Body Naturally Juniper Berry Lemon Tumeric Endoplus Grapefruit Fir Balsam Palmarosa Rosemary Cypress Fennel Ylang Ylang Ginger Dry brushing stimulates lymphatic drainage  for a completely holistic detox. To dry brush and help your lymphatic system to drain and ultimately detox your body, use the following lymph…

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    21 Easy Leftover Turkey Recipes

    Ahhhh The Holidays! I am one of those people that can and will eat turkey any time of the year (And I do!) , not just on holidays! Turkey is such a versatile protein. and if you are feeding a family on a budget, a utility turkey can go along way when it comes to saving money on your meal planning.  If you have been left wondering what to do with that left over holiday bird,  then you will LOVE these 21 leftover turkey recipes.  Easy Leftover Turkey Casserole Recipe This super easy leftover turkey casserole recipe from Dinner Then Desert is a super simple meal to cook for a…

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    Amazing Christmas Decor Ideas For Your Living Room

    The Living Room is the heart center of our home and if you are anything like me, then you will love these amazing Christmas decor ideas for your living room! There’s Gnome place like Home for The Holidays! Gnomes are an extremely popular decor item this Christmas. There is such a wide variety of Christmas Gnomes available both online and in store. Red Trucks, Llama’s , Cardinals, Nutcrackers , Boho Christmas Decor and Farmhouse Christmas Decor create a beautiful Eclectic Holiday setting.  DISCOVER GNOMES ON PINTEREST! DIY Christmas Decorations For The Living Room I am a HUGE Fan Of Christmas Pillows. You can buy so many amazing Christmas themed Pillows on…

  • Low Carb Keto Pizza Recipe

    Low Carb / Keto Cauliflower Pizza Crust

    One of my guilty pleasures for takeout is Pizza but there isn’t a place that sells low carb pizza or low carb pizza crusts where I live , so when I am craving pizza , this is a great go to! This Keto friendly , cauliflower pizza crust is gobbled up by even the pickiest of eaters in my house. Making a stockpile doesn’t really require a whole lot of effort. What I typically do when cauliflower is on sale , is prep it an divide it into 3 cup ziploc bags. It is considerably less expensive than buying the pre-made cauliflower “rice” and can be done quickly with my…

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    How To Save Money At Christmas – Including Easy DIY Gift Ideas To Save Big!

    Does the thought of Christmas send you in to a panic because you don’t know how you’re going to afford it? I get it! I have been there too. I am kind of an expert at being thrifty! Learn how to save money at Christmas , including awesome DIY Gift Ideas to save big! Honestly, as much as I LOVE Christmas it is likely the time of year that I am most stressed out! The bills are higher at this time of year and there is just so much more to do! I mean this is enough to leave most people frazzled but when you live with an illness and…